How to manually open the garage door?

Automatic garage doors help us a lot with their unique features. However, there may be some situations when you need to open them manually. Sometimes, you are dealing with the motor of your garage door may not work, or you have encountered a power outage; in all such cases, you need to know the procedure of how to manually open garage door to make sure that you can enter into or go out of your garage without any hassle. So, let us discuss the steps of how to manually open garage door that can help you in the future.

How to manually open garage door from the outside

  • Finding out the emergency release kit

You will find a small lock near the top of your garage door. This lock stores the emergency release cable. You will also have its key.

  • Unlocking the cord

You need to turn the key and reveal a cable by pulling out the lock tumbler. This cord then will trigger the release mechanism and put the door into manual mode.

  • Unlocking the door

Now, you have to lower down from the emergency release kit; then you will find another lock next to a handle that keeps the door closed. With the key you have, you need to unlock the door and turn the handle to place it vertically.

  • Lifting your garage door

Now, you have to pull the door straight and make sure that it stays open before taking your car inside.

  • Closing the door

After going inside, pull the door down to a closed position.

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How to manually open garage door from inside

  • Unlocking the door

Search for the latches or locks near the outside part of your garage door, and open them. Thus, they won’t give you trouble when you open the door manually.

  • Unplugging the opener

Now, you have to disconnect the power cord to the automatic opener of your door.

  • Finding out the emergency release cord

In this step, you need to find out the emergency release cord that hangs from the garage door track’s central rail and has a red handle. This cord attaches to the trolley that connects your garage door’s arm to the center track. You should remember to use that emergency release handle when the door is closed.

  • Pulling the cord

In this step to manually open garage door from the inside, you need to pull down the emergency release handle. This cord needs to disconnect the door from the trolly and enable you to manually move your garage door.

  • Closing the garage door

After completing the previous steps, you have to pull down the door by hand to close it again. If your garage door comes with a lock bar, you need to manually slide it to lock.

Safety tips regarding how to manually open garage door

While conducting the procedures mentioned above, you need to follow a few safety tips:

  • Never pull the emergency release cord when the door is not closed.
  • Don’t forget to unplug your automatic garage door opener.
  • You need to use the manual lock.
  • Don’t leave your open garage door unattended.

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Therefore, you can easily complete the procedure to manually open garage door by following these tips; however, if you wish to have expert advice, you can contact TC Garage Door and Locksmith Services.

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