Ways for New Garage Door Measurement

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Sometimes, it is needed to take new garage door measurements. When a new garage door is going to be installed, the measurements are very important. However, there are few basics to measure the garage door accurately. Usually, a paper, pen, level, and a tape measure are required.

Top Ways to Take New Garage Door Measurements

There are many ways to take measurements for a new garage door Minnesota. Some of them are given below.

  1. Measuring The Door Width

The distance between the left and right sides of the garage opening is the garage door width. This measurement should be taken with a tape. It is recommended to use multiple spots for measurement to get an accurate data. It is also recommended to check whether the wall sides are levelled or not, with a level. If unlevelled, the garage door seal size can be changed.

  1. Measuring The Door Height

This is the distance between the ceiling of the opening and the floor. The highest point of the opening should be considered. Also, it is recommended to measure height in feet and inches. These new garage door measurements can help to get a door of accurate size. Here also, the floor of the garage opening has to be checked with a level. If unlevelled, the garage door seal size can be changed for adjustment.

  1. Side Room Measurement

The measurement should also be taken between the garage door sides, and the garage side walls. This is the side room measurement. The extension springs and the vertical tracks need 3-4 inches on both door sides. A wood jamb should also be inside the door. The measurements should strictly exclude the frame.

  1. Headroom Measurement

The headroom has to be measured with a tape. This distance is between the top of the opening and the obstruction that lies the nearest to it. In case of a ceiling storage, the distance between the opening and the shelf should also be measured. Without any blockage, the ceiling opening is the headroom. To comply with the requirements of the garage door header, a minimum distance of 10 inches should be present between the ceiling and the opening. Also, necessary place should be available for garage door opener and the torsion spring. With thicker doors, more opening space is required for easy clearance.

  1. Backroom Measurement

The measurement of the backroom can be taken by measuring the distance between the garage rear wall and the door. This measurement helps to easily allow the garage door opening inside the garage. The walls or ceiling should be checked for irregularities. Along with the measurement, an additional space of 18 inches should be kept.

Standard Garage Door Size

On an average, garage door services Minnesota offer garage doors between 8-20 feet width. Depending on the garage door type, the measurements can change considerably. For example, single car garage doors are between 7-8 feet height and 8-9 feet wide. Similarly, double car garage doors are of 7-8 feet height and around 16 feet wide. For cars with racks, even higher heights are needed. The new garage door measurements have seen doors with 10 feet height, or taller too.

Final Words

These are some of the ways by which garage doors can be measured. However, it is always advisable to leave such tasks to professionals. At TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services, quality garage doors, openers, and other parts are available. Also, they provide garage door repair and replacement services in a quick and hassle-free manner.


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