Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are a big part of our daily lives. We use them every day, and we expect them to work flawlessly. However, problems can arise with your garage door which makes it harder to open and close. Also, some problems may indicate that you need new parts or even a new garage door altogether. Here are some common problems that people face with their garage doors, what to check and how to possibly fix them yourself (only recommended for people with existing garage door expertise or knowledge) or what to have your local experts work on.

Minor signs to look out for

When your garage door starts making strange noises, it’s time to get the problem checked out. If you don’t get it fixed right away, it could lead to bigger problems down the road.

When you see signs of rust on any part of your garage door—or if one side seems to be sagging more than the other—it’s probably time for some maintenance work.

Check out the next few paragraphs for more major garage door problems.

Door does not close

If your door will not close, it may be because the sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. Replace this part first by removing it from its housing and inserting a new one in its place or have it replaced by a professional. 

The safety beam could also be broken or damaged in some way which prevents the door from closing completely. To fix this problem, you’ll need to locate these beams on your garage door opener and then check them for damage or other problems that might prevent them from working properly. If there’s no visible damage but you still notice an issue with how well your beam works, try swapping out parts on each side of where they are installed until you find what works best for you.

Door does not open

Garage doors can be affected by a variety of problems, but one of the most common is a door that doesn’t open at all. It could be because the door’s opener has been damaged and needs to be replaced or serviced. Check also if the safety sensors on your garage door have been tripped. If this happens, you’ll probably notice that the light on your remote control is flashing. The garage door itself has become bent or warped over time due to weather conditions and wear and tear, making it difficult for it to move smoothly up and down when opening or closing. If any of these scenarios sounds like yours, call an expert today to help you put it back to its former glory.

Door closes too quickly

If your door closes too quickly, it could be a problem with the garage door opener. If you notice that the door is not opening or closing properly, then your motor may be working too hard or it might need to be replaced. To test if your motor is working properly, disconnect one of the wires from your remote control transmitter and connect it directly to an electrical outlet in your home. Then press and hold down any button on the remote control transmitter. You should hear a clicking sound every time you press down on the button as long as there are no issues with either device. If there are no problems with either device then this means that something else needs attention before replacing either part.

Door opens on its own

If your garage door opens on its own, there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost, check the safety sensors. These sensors are located at the bottom of each track and at the top of each hinge. If one or more isn’t working properly, it can cause the door to open by itself. Next, make sure that your door isn’t out of alignment. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, we highly recommend having an expert come out every six months for maintenance purposes. Lastly, take a look at all of your springs and hinges closely for signs of damage or wear-and-tear that could be contributing to this issue as well.

Door reverses immediately upon closing

If your garage door reverses immediately upon closing, it could be due to the motor pulley binding or not turning completely around as the door opens and closes. If this is the case, a garage door professional will need to replace the bent or worn out parts with new ones.

There could also be an issue with the opener’s sensors. In many cases, reversing problems are caused by misaligned sensors that are set too close together or too far apart from each other. You can usually fix this yourself by adjusting them accordingly; however, if you’re not familiar with working with electronics and wiring then hiring a professional would be wise for safety reasons.

Door opens but the motor runs

If your garage door opens, but the motor runs and keeps running, check the following things first or have your local garage door experts check them for you.

The safety sensors may be out of alignment or damaged, which means they can’t sense an obstruction and stop the door from moving.

You can also have the circuit board checked. It is a small computer that operates your garage door opener. It detects if anything is wrong with it or its system and shuts down to avoid damage from further use or possible injury to a person using it.

If wires are frayed or broken, they could be sending power somewhere other than where it’s supposed to go and causing problems like this one.  

A damaged gearbox could mean that you’re losing essential lubrication in there. 

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