How To Open Garage Door Without Power?

Garage door openers powered by electricity are considered to be nifty components for homeowners. It prevents them from prying the garage doors open during bad weather. On the downside, these garage doors are inefficient in the absence of power. Learn how to open garage door without power with the help of this guide. 

There are certain occasions when one might find themselves having to open the garage door manually. It becomes real when the clouds start to roll in and the winds pick up its pace. In addition, pouring rain and storms can add to the inconvenience caused by power outages. 

In such rare situations, to manually open a garage door without power, one must be sure the door is completely closed. Locate the emergency handle and pull firmly on it towards the ground until a loud click is heard. Grab the garage door handles next to manually lift the door until it’s completely open all the way.

Manually opening garage door without power

Follow the steps mentioned below to open garage door without power.

  • Ensuring the downward position of the garage door

Trying to attempt and disengage the garage door opener in an open position of the door is highly dangerous. Hence, it’s not advisable. The spring could possibly be broken or improperly balanced. 

In such a situation, releasing the opener could lead to the full garage door weight to come slamming on the ground. This could cause extensive damage and unwanted bodily harm.

Hence, the garage door must be in a down position. This must be made sure of before attempting to disengage the opener of the garage door. 

  • Pull-on the emergency release cord

The emergency release cord usually hangs from the garage door trolley. It should be located near the front of the garage door when the door is in a closed position. Besides, the trolley is located to the door, moving as the door opens or closes. 

The trolley is also connected to the opener carriage through the attachment point. The carriage mechanism helps the garage door move automatically along the garage door opener. The emergency release cord is responsible for disconnecting the trolley from the carriage for the garage door to operate manually. 

  • Moving the garage door manually and returning to the downward position

The previous step allows users to open the garage door without power freely. Move the garage door to closed positions freely. It may occur that the garage door is quite heavy to be lifted manually. The prime reason behind this is a possible broken spring. 

There is a common misconception that garage door openers are supposed to lift the garage door. But in reality, the garage door springs are responsible for raising the garage door. If the spring is broken, it’s advisable to contact garage door repair services as soon as possible.

  • Pulling the release cord towards the garage door

Pull the release cord towards the garage door to re-engage the carriage and the garage door to operate once again electrically. It will compress the spring lever of the door and allow both mechanisms to reconnect again. 

  • Reconnecting the opener carriage to the trolley

For reconnecting the trolley to the garage door opener, run the opener for a complete cycle. The trolley and carriage will once pass another during the cycle, and a loud click will be heard. It indicates they are connected and free to open or close with power. 


If you are stuck with a garage door in an open position, unable to completely open or close it, contact TC Garage Door and Locksmith to schedule an appointment. It also offers emergency garage door repair services 24/7 for any garage door issues. 

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