How to change garage door opener code?

If you have a smart technology garage door, you are enjoying all benefits, ease, and convenience of its easy operation. Mostly digital apps or remote controls are used to open and shut the door at ease. But at times, you may require coding to change garage door opener code. 

There can be several reasons for reprograming your garage door opener code. If you have shared your code with a service technician or moved into a new place, getting your opener code changed is advisable. However, it is risky for you if several people have access to your code. Moreover, if you buy a new remote, you have to sync it with the garage door opener. We will share some garage door tips and tricks to change your garage door opener code.

How to change garage door opener code?

First, we will go through the steps to set your code for the first time.

  1. Search for the Learn Button: The learn button is present under the push bar on the MyQ control panel. Lift the push bar, and you will find it. It is colored and has an LED next to it.
  2. Input your code: You need to press the button twice and start entering the four-digit PIN code of your choice on the keyboard within 30 seconds. Then press on Enter. Always pick complicated and not sequential numbers so that it is not easy to guess. After successfully programming the code, the LED light will go off.
  3. Test the code: After setting the code, wait for 10 seconds. Then input the PIN code you have set and press on enter. The garage door will open and shut now.

Steps to change garage door opener code

  1. Enter your present opener code. Hold on to the # key for a few seconds.
  2. A light will blink after that. As soon as the light blinks, release the # key.
  3. Type the new opener code you want to set.
  4. The light will blink again. This will indicate that the code has been changed successfully. Wait for 10 seconds and test to check the change.

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Steps to set a temporary PIN

  1. You may need a temporary PIN to allow service people, professionals, or guests to access your garage in certain circumstances. Therefore, a temporary PIN can be handy at those times.
  2. Type in your PIN. Hold on to the * key. After the light blinks thrice, let go of the * key.
  3. Now, enter the four-digit PIN you chose for temporary purposes. The opener light will blink four times.
  4. Set the time for which you need the PIN to work by pressing *. Press on the # to set the number of times you need it to work. 255 is the maximum limit. The light will blink once.
  5. After a gap of 10 seconds, test the opener. The test will also be counted as a use.

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Wrapping Up

You can change garage door opener code quite easily following the steps given If you still have any issue you can contact garage door repair company Minnesota and get your issue resolved. 

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