What to do when the garage door only go about a foot and then stop

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These days almost all new houses with a garage have a built-in door opener. These door openers are quite useful devices which could save us plenty of time and trouble as well, but it could also break down just like any other electronic appliance. Thus, regular maintenance is vital. One of the issues that you can frequently encounter with a garage door is that the garage door only opens a foot then stops.

To-do list when the garage door opens a little and then stops 

Adjusting force and travel limit

Check out if something is binding the garage door while opening and shutting it manually. If there’s none, thenceforth, it might have need for a simple force limit or travel limit adjustment. This is the quite common issue that your door will not open all its way. To provide you details about these, the travel limit regulates how far your door closes and opens while it’s functioning when the force limit manages how much pull is required to get the garage door completely open.

You might check the manual of the owner on how to make the upright adjustment. What is obvious with any sort of brand or model is you ought to push the colored buttons or turn screws on the side. Every time test it just after making the adjustment to be sure that the reverse safety mechanism is working befittingly. This could safeguard you from damaging the door itself and from any danger.

Defective or broken springs

You could determine that it’s your spring that is stopping your garage door while opening all the way by detaching the cord from the opener and lifting it manually. If it’s heavy to lift up, then probably it’s the cause of the issue regarding the opening procedure. In such a case, it is recommended that you should call a professional to tackle the problem. Garage door springs literally are very threatening and could cause severe damage or even demise.

Something is hindering the way

Contemporary designed door owns a reversing mechanism which prevents the garage door from crashing into something upon its way. It could be garbage or even a small toy that might trigger the function of this mechanism. If the garage door opens a little then stops, it indicates there’s something in place which is blocking the way, then check the lenses and do a cleaning.

It’s a decent idea to clean it frequently to circumvent any dirt, spider web, or dust that accumulates lenses. Utilize a partially wet cloth and wipe off the lenses carefully.

Flawed Logic Control Board

If the garage door opens but suddenly stops, it might happen because of the logic control board. This logic board perceives and thereafter responds to signals to any remote. You may necessitate replacing it considering your door is not properly working, or you may buy a brand new opener. By doing this could save you some generous cash.

In addition, a simple rebooting could help you out with the problem. Every so often, your machine utterly needs refreshment for it to work splendidly.

According to the experts, whilst the garage door only opens a foot then stops – it’s not uncommon at all, and you do not need to create anxiety about it. Usually, there are a couple of reasons which could cause this, such as a broken spring or a safety mechanism. Here, it is explained comprehensively how you can fix up this problem and much more.


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