What to do when your garage door remote stops working?

The remote of the garage door opener is a little electronic device that is really handy. It enables you to enter your garage without struggling with the heavy door or leaving your car outside the garage before entering. The remote of your garage door sends an IR or infrared signal to a receiver that triggers a switch. This can promote an electric motor that can both close or open your garage door.

So, if you wish that your garage door opener remote works properly, remember to use it within the range of the IR signal-sending strength that is specified. Now, if your remote is within the specified range, yet cannot work properly, then you need to fix that. Here are some ways to do the fixing job.

Ways to fix the garage door remote opener

There are multiple ways to fix the garage door remote opener. Some of those are:

  • Clean the eyes 

The plastic that covers the IR unit on both the receiving unit and the remote control is known as the eye. This eye enables the IR signal to pass through both the receiving and transmitting ends. You can also clean the eyes with a soft, damp cloth. Maximum numbers of the remote eyes are usually made of plastic material that is scratch-resistant, but it can have scratches if rubbed against metal or dropped onto a hard surface. 

With the help of special plastic polishing materials, the plastic can be polished. However, if the infrared eye on the remote control is badly gouged, scratched, or pitted, then you may need a new one. 

  • Check the garage door opener remote battery

A very common reason for the failure of your garage door remote control is dead or weak batteries. To ensure that your batteries remain in good condition, choose the famous brand and quality batteries instead of the cheap brands. 

Moreover, using batteries that are rechargeable can be really cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These batteries only put out near about 1.2 volts as opposed to the alkaline batteries that can put out 1.5 volts. Hence, a remote that is powered with two rechargeable batteries would only get 2.4 volts, though it is developed to work on 3 volts.

This lack of power may affect the effectiveness and range of the remote control. So, checking the garage door opener remote battery is another good way to ensure the better work of the garage door opener remote.

  • Check the contacts of the battery

Worn, dirty, or wet contacts with the parts inside the battery case may hinder the electrical current of the battery from reaching the circuit board that is located inside the remote control. If the contacts become pitted, discolored, or wet, it is better to dry and polish those before using the remote control.

You can easily polish those contacts with fine-grit sandpaper-like fine steel wool or 400-grit sandpaper. 

Therefore, you can stop the problems of your garage door remote opener and ensure its long life by knowing about how to change garage door remote battery. To get the best service from professionals, you can call TC Garage Door And Locksmith.

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