Tips to convert your garage for more living space

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Most of the people ultimately need more space in their house. Instead of re-entering the Real Estate marketplace for a sizable home, a well-liked trend nowadays is to do garage remodeling for extra living space. The space in the garage is convertible into a bedroom, game room, extra bathroom, home office, expanded kitchen, and many more.

By converting a part of garage space and rest of the part for storage or to park single vehicle, you could amplify the worth of your property. Before you begin clearing out the garage and commencing a conversion project, you’ll want to require a while to assess your requirements, determine a project budget, and plan your project utilizing these considerations:

1. Determine the size and shape of garage

Think about how you currently make your way into your garage from your home. Is there any connecting door on the backside of the garage or the sidewall? The place of the door could influence your design and the way you allocate the space inside the garage for the conversion.

2. Heating and cooling feature to the new space

Do you have a plan on having your contractor run ductwork to the new living area inside the garage and connect it to your HVAC system? Some individuals also prefer to get a separate cooling and heating system, like using heating and wall-mounted split AC system.

3. Whether you want to convert all or some part of garage space

If you’ve got an extra-large garage with excess space, you would possibly be ready to use half it for the garage remodeling and still have many rooms for a two-car garage. What proportion of space you employ will determine project costs and other factors.

4. Addition of some windows

Adding windows can increase the project costs but can make the new space feel more open and charming, instead of an area that’s completely closed off and dark when the lights are off.

5. Proper insulation inside garage

You will definitely want the new living zone to be insulated in most cases. Otherwise, in winter, your new space will be too cold to enjoy.

6. Need of proper door

If you’re retaining a part of the space to use as a garage or for storage, you would definitely want to upgrade to an insulated cost effective garage door for uncomplicated access. If you would like to access from the new living area into garage space, you’ll want to settle on a usually insulated door, and now you’ve got the access from the main house into the garage.

7.Type of lighting and electrical outlets

You will perhaps want additional electrical outlets and lighting in your new living area. It’s a decent idea to be sure these are properly installed after framing is accomplished but before drywall and insulation go up.

Consider the above mention facts, and your garage conversion project is going to be a hit. TC Garage Door And Locksmith is always there to assist you with garage remodeling. Feel free to browse our website and contact us directly. In no time, you’ll get your desired outcome.

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