Quick Fixes Of Garage Door Lockout Issues

Garage Door Lockout Issues

There are high chances of getting locked out of the garage. Picturing several scenarios may worry you. The first fear may be a broken garage door motor. Or, you might have lost your spare keys. Heavy downpours and thunderstorms caused a power cut, leaving you stuck without solutions.

You don’t seem to find a way to fix the issue. Do not worry. This article covers easy solutions to rectify the problem of garage door lockouts. In case the issue becomes very complex, contact a locksmith to resolve the issue.

Did the garage door motor break?

If your neighborhood ran out of electricity, a stuck garage door could be a problem. Automated garage doors have electronic locks. Naturally, the absence of running electricity will halt its usual mechanism. Therefore, you may have to choose to open the door manually. Make sure the garage door tracks are not jamming or sticking in any way.

With this view in mind, try to locate the manual release cord. Upon detecting, firmly pull the cord to release the stuck door. The door should open right away without further difficulty.

Trick for opening the garage door:

Try manipulating the door manually

Manipulating a locked garage door requires some added supplies. Try using a malleable tool like a wire coat hanger. Move towards the centre of the garage door. Now press your hand on the top of the door. Search for a hinged release lever. Often, a rope is attached to the lever, making it easy to locate.

Make the release hinge hook onto the wire hanger. Give a tight pull towards yourself. The garage door will release and open manually with ease. However, anti-burglary hacks may prohibit this trick from running successfully. If you are out of luck, the last resort would be to contact a locksmith.

Look for damaged or broken locks

In comparison to a power outage, broken motor, or jammed doors, broken locks are trickier. Depending on the tools available at hand, you may be able to resolve this issue. A bolt cutter at your disposal may help you to cut and remove the padlocks. At times, anti-burglary measures like anti-drill plates, shackle shrouds or, steel pins installations are present. In this scenario, it may be hard to fix the garage door lockout issue.

Enter forcefully

Forcing your way into the garage isn’t the safest option. However, in emergencies breaking the garage door is the only option. For a high-tech garage door, try power drilling to break the lock. Make the hole large enough for a screwdriver to pass through. Insert the flat head screwdriver to turn the lock and open the garage door.

To conclude

Broken locks will leave you with complex problems. If you try to remove the broken lock, it could worsen the damage. Trying to break the door or causing more damage manually could render it costly later on. Hence, there is no other way than to call garage door repair company Minnesota to fix the problems.

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