The Best Pet-Friendly Trails and Parks in St. Louis Park, MN

The Best Pet-Friendly Trails and Parks in St Louis Park MN

St. Louis Park has been voted as one of the best places to live in America, and for a good reason! Aside from its friendly neighborhoods and extensive park system, St. Louis Park is also home to a variety of great pet-friendly trails and parks. Whether you’re looking for a place to take your dog for a walk or want to go on a nature hike with your cat, St. Louis Park has something for you and your furry friend! Keep reading to find out more about the best pet-friendly trails and parks in St. Louis Park.


Spend the day in the best pet-friendly trails and parks at St. Louis Park

Wolfe Park

0.9-mile loop trail

7 min from Downtown St. Louis Park

Wolfe Park is full of opportunities and adventures for your pet to enjoy! The park has two playgrounds, five pickleball courts, and a sand volleyball court. There is also a walking trail that encircles a large pond. The size of the park makes it easy for you to get your pet some exercise as well as enjoy yourself. But one of the biggest draws is that dogs are allowed in the park! 

Of course, they must be leashed at all times – but they’ll still love being able to roam freely in this dog-friendly environment! And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even take them on the boardwalk that goes around the pond or climb up a hill that has an outdoor amphitheater and a bridge over a small creek leading out to the pond!

The Best Pet-Friendly Trails and Parks in St Louis Park MN Wolfe Park


Louisiana Oaks Park

0.4-mile park

7 min from Downtown St. Louis Park

If you’re a pet owner, then you know how your pets are part of the family. You love to spend time with them and want to do things with them. But sometimes, when you go on hikes or runs, you just can’t bring your furry babies with you. The good thing about this park is that you can do two things at once! You can go on your usual run as this park have a lot of space for your dogs to run around!

The park has a pretty big loop trail that goes around the whole park. It gives your dogs some exercise by having them run along the trail. The best thing is that it gives you some exercise too! So if you’re looking for something that both you and your pets will enjoy while getting some exercise in, this place is definitely a great option.

It would be best to bring water bowls and food bowls for you and your pet so they can stay refreshed and hydrated while walking. Also, make sure to bring along dog poop bags so you can clean up after them while they’re running around.

Oak Hill Park

0.4-mile park

4 min from Downtown St. Louis Park

Oak Hill Park is a large park on the west side of St. Louis Park, and it abuts Louisiana Oaks Park. It boasts a playground, a splash pad, and a sports field, making it the perfect family-friendly destination. It offers a wonderful experience if you’re looking for something to do with your pet.

The park has trails around the perimeter and throughout the wooded areas that are perfect for walking your dog. Plus, there are paved trails and boardwalks that will give you views of the greenery as you walk your dog and take in the breathtaking scenery of the St. Louis Park sunset or sunrise. On those winter days when you want to ice skate or sled with your furry friend, Oak Hill Park has plenty of space for both activities. There are motion-sensor water fountains throughout Oak Hill Park that will keep your pet happy while they play in the snow; just be sure to bring their leash!

Dakota Dog Park

0.5-mile loop trail

3 min from Downtown St. Louis Park

Dakota Dog Park is a park in St. Louis Park that caters to the needs of its four-legged visitors. It has a large open space for dogs to run around, a fenced off-leash section where dogs have the freedom to run and play with one another, and even a small dog park, where smaller dogs can get some exercise and socialization. 

If your pet is one of those who loves to explore new places and have a blast, then Dakota Dog Park might just be the perfect place for you and your fur baby. The park has plenty of outstanding amenities that will surely pique the interest of pet lovers — the greenery, the paved trails, the off-leash section for pets, and the biking trails. Spend the day with your pet at Dakota Dog Park and they’ll surely love the change of scenery. Just make sure to apply for a permit and pay the annual fee for an off-leash permit! Be sure to bring their treats and portable drink containers with you in case they get thirsty and hungry.

The Best Pet-Friendly Trails and Parks in St Louis Park MN Dakota Dog Park


If you’re looking for a great day out with your furry friend, St. Louis Park has some amazing parks and trails to offer. From Wolfe Park to Dakota Dog Park, there’s something for everyone in this Minnesota city. And if you’re in need of a garage door upgrade, TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services is here to help! Contact us today for more information.

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