Garage door only opens halfway: Know the reasons

Automatic garage doors are fabricated to open and shut while activated by remote control. With standard maintenance, these doors could work effectively and smoothly for a long time period without having any problem. Nevertheless, even with routine maintenance, something can still go wrong, inducing your garage door opener to dysfunctional, such as the garage door opening halfway.

Find out the garage door opening halfway problem

Firstly, you require inspecting the problem and figuring out what’s stopping the door from opening up all the way. If the prime cause is the garage door itself or automatic opener, go along after these three easy steps:

1.Completely shut the door.

2.Pull up the emergency release cord to disentangle the opener trolley from the garage door.

3.Lift garage door by hand manually. If the door opens up without a hitch, the fault persists with the automated opener, but if you could open the door halfway only, then the issue is the door itself.

Weather Conditions Impacting the Hardware

The simplest explanation might be the consequences of the present weather conditions. The acute heat in the summer and cold of winter can wreak havoc on your garage door, triggering the rails to contract or expand. To compensate, the opener requires a bit of extra pressure to get the work done and should require some alterations to the force adjustment enactment.


Because the garage door closes and opens almost every day throughout the year, unleash debris like dirt or leaves could accumulate in the rails and other hardware. As debris gets build-up over time, it could form a blockage which might need a radical cleaning. Do garage door opener repair and inspect the door tracks, hinges, rollers, and belts for any signs of debris or damage.

Springs and Drums

When the garage door is closing and opening, the spring system supports up most of the door’s weight. A broken spring might throw off the entire system. The drums could also get blocked by a hung-up cable or an off-kilter or obstruction. Do garage door opener repair and inspect drums & springs for signs of damage, but without contacting a technician, go no further.


A support beam or warped panel could get in the way and block the garage door from accomplishing its duties. Check out the photo safety eye to make sure that there are not any obstructions. If any objects bulge into the trail of the sensor, the door might reverse or stop.

Regardless of the cause, it’s always recommended to call garage door experts when your garage door opening halfway. As an extra advantage, a professional will inspect the whole system and proffer any necessary recommendations to keep the garage door in working order. If you’re in need for service, just contact TC Garage Door And Locksmith to get a skilled technician.


Can I replace the drums and springs on my own?

Never attempt to adjust or replace garage door springs yourself. Since drums and springs are filled with tension, it’s very hazardous to undertake to attempt a fix on your own.

Does TC Garage offer replacement parts for any garage door system?

Yes, you’ll get almost any brand of garage door, door parts, openers, and other accessories. We have an enormous inventory so we could look after your request and resolve any matters you’ve efficiently and quickly.

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