Tips to change garage door opener code

Garage doors not only ensure the safety and security of your vehicles but also spare you the task of leaving your car when you return home. Nowadays, the garage doors come with a remote system, with which you can easily open and close your garage door while sitting in your car. You no longer have to step outside the car to open or close your garage door. However, while those remotes make your life really comfortable, the code of the door’s remote might allow burglars to go into your garage. Thus, you should change the code of your garage door remote after some time, and to help you out, here is the detailed procedure of how to change garage door opener code.

Tools are required for reprogramming your garage door opener

The tools you will need to change the code of your garage door opener are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ladder.

The guide to changing your garage door opener code

  • Make sure the batteries are working

The garage door openers nowadays come with a remote and a keypad. Both of them required working batteries to operate properly. So, you need to make sure that both the batteries of the remote and the keypad are working perfectly. Only after making sure that the batteries are in good condition may you start the process of reprogramming your garage door opener.

  • Changing codes on your Keypad entries 

Here are the steps through which you can change the code of your garage door with a keypad.

  • Accessing the door’s motor

You need to set your ladder underneath the door, then climb onto it and reach your garage door’s motor. You can find the motor on one of the two sides of the doorway.

  • Resetting the motor

In the control panel of the motor, you will see a “Reset” button. You need to keep on pressing it until the light beside it goes off. This will show that the memory of your door has been lost, and the old code has been erased.

  • Entering new code

Now, again press the “Reset” button, and keep on holding it until the light beside it returns to life. Now, you need to enter the new code into the keypad. Upon entering the code, you would see that the light was blinking. This is the sign that the motor has accepted the new code.

Next, press and hold the button till the light becomes static. Then keep on pressing the button till the light goes off once again.

  • Reprogramming the remote

After turning off the motor, you should steer clear of the door and take the remote in your hand. Then, you should press a button on your garage door remote and hold it down.

You will see that, after a few seconds, the light of the motor will start blinking once again. This is the indication of the successful reprogramming of the new code on your garage door remote.

  • Reprogramming other remotes

Many people have more than one remote for their garage doors. If you are one of those people, you have to reprogram each remote individually by repeating the steps mentioned above.


Therefore, these are the steps of how to change garage door opener code through keypad entries. However, if you seek professional advice, you should contact TC Garage Door And Locksmith Service.


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