Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

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TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services is proud to announce a successful emergency garage door repair service for a private residence in St Louis Park, MN. Emergencies like our client experienced with his garage can happen at any given time. You never know that you might accidentally reverse back into your garage door and now you need a garage door repair service. 

But all is well as we have successfully provided our client with a quality garage door repair service making his doors look brand new. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded garage door company, serving the greater Minneapolis area. 

Whatever your garage door problems are, our 24 hour garage door repair services are always there to give you a helping hand. With our extensive knowledge and a wide array of tools and equipment at our disposal, we can handle any type of emergency situation with ease—no matter how big or small!

Why Do You Need Garage Door Repair?

You're never quite sure if your doors are safe until you have them inspected. We've all been in the position where we may have backed into our own garage door like our previous client, a spring might snap, a garage door won't open, the safety sensors are malfunctioning, and such. Now, if you still haven't realized that you need repairs, here are some common signs that you'll definitely want a professional to come over.

What Are the Signs That I Need Garage Door Repair?

Broken Springs

These are the usual components that break faster than the rest in your garage door. The job of the springs is to act as a counterbalance when your doors are opening and closing. Due to this, the springs can only last for a period of time and will be broken after ten thousand cycles (Extension Springs) and fifteen thousand cycles (Torsion Springs). If you see that it's starting to break, call upon a safety garage door repair service as handling it yourself is dangerous.

Broken Cable

Cables work in tandem with the springs, designed to pull the entire weight of your doors up while operating. And like your springs, it can weaken and break as well. A sign of a broken cable is when your doors are stuck halfway when opening. Trying to replace the cables can result in serious injuries like the springs and it's best to let the professionals handle this one.

Broken Panels

When our client called us for emergency garage door repair services, he was aware that cracks in the panels could spread to other panels and cause more damage. While this is a common problem that isn't too serious, you don't want to have an unsightly garage door as well as not having protection from outside elements. Usually, a repair for panels is just a replacement for the damaged panels but when the whole panels are damaged, taking them out of service altogether is the only choice.

Broken Tracks

The sign of a broken track is doors that will stop closing and opening correctly. The cause of this problem is that tracks can be bent due to collision with a heavier object or break due to years of usage. It can be either repaired if the track damage is minimal or a full replacement if it isn't.

Broken Sensors

Besides the springs and cables, safety sensors are among the top three reasons why you need repairs immediately. The safety sensors are vital when your doors are operating as it stops closing when it detects a person or object at the door. It is located at the bottom of the doors or at both sides. When this feature doesn't work, it can be dangerous especially if you have kids as the door will not stop closing even when there is an object or person at the door.


Now, if you're experiencing these common problems, it's time to call for an emergency garage door repair company so as to not waste any time. Furthermore, these problems all lead to one issue that every homeowner faces—a garage door that won't close or open. But we're here to provide simple tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best out of your investment.

The Garage Door Won't Open Or Close? Try These Simple Fixes

The first fix you can do is check the safety sensors. Now, we've stated that it is one of the common problems you'll probably need repairs for but before calling a professional, be sure to clean the photo eye from dirt or dust as that may be the only issue.


The second fix is the sensitivity of your garage door causing it to malfunction. By looking at the manual, resetting the sensitivity, and adjusting the close force as well as the limit switch, you'll have a properly working garage door in no time!


The third fix is checking the remote and transmitter if it has working batteries. You can never be too sure and it'll save you and the professional's time. 


The fourth is cleaning the tracks of dirt, rocks, and any other debris stuck inside them. Be sure to give it a thorough sweep! And lastly, this may sound ridiculous, but be sure to check if the garage door opener is plugged into your outlet!

In need of a garage door repair? Trust TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services!

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