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How long have you had the garage door running without maintenance? Most homeowners consider light lubrication across the tracks to be enough. However, in reality, that’s just barely scratching the surface. Thorough maintenance includes taking apart the main parts of the garage door lubricating and inspecting them thoroughly. Sometimes belts and other components may also have to be replaced. Though Garage Door Maintenance is the key to its uninterrupted service life.


Garage door maintenance is critical to prolonging the life of the system. The good news is you can bring back the quiet, function of your garage door opener system within just a few minutes of use. That is particularly important if it is right next to your neighbour’s house or if you have become used to your own garage door s noisy welcome. However, other people probably have no familiarity with how well your door works.

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If you are like most homeowners, you probably don t even pay attention to the noises of your garage door when you are coming home from work or to bed at night. Most of us just tolerate the noise and go about our day as normal. However, your doors are not the only moving parts in your house. Your furnace, air conditioner and even your water heater all ran on electricity. Just as all these appliances require regular care and maintenance, so do your garage doors.

One of the best things you can do for your garage door maintenance is to inspect the cables for fraying. This is a symptom of loose pulleys that are causing the chains to slip. It is common to have the pulleys slightly worn out after some time, which means that the chains may need to be tightened. When you examine the cables you will probably find that the string is frayed near the bottom of the pulley.


Another important part of garage door maintenance is to replace worn tension springs. The tension springs that help to lift the door up and down are not always in great shape. Over time they can become worn out due to stress and strain. You should check both the tension arms and the torsion springs to replace any w

orn parts. Make sure that when you replace the tension springs that you do not cause any damage to the spring or the cables. Tighten only the tension arms until they are fully operational.


Sometimes you may need to tighten the torsion springs but you do not want to damage your home centres. The best way to go about this task is to replace both springs. This can be done easily in your garage door maintenance. In most home centres you will find that this task is easy to perform. They will usually provide you with a wrench and manual to help you with the job.

The last thing you should do when it comes to garage door maintenance is to check the spring tension.


 If the springs become too loose, you may need to replace them. Over time the tension can decrease and the door may spring open or close slowly. This is a very easy thing to fix so you may want to call in a professional garage doors repairman to take care of this issue.

You may also want to call the company you purchased the garage door springs from for professional garage door maintenance. 


You want to make sure that the springs are tightened correctly so they do not fall out. Remember, when it comes to springs they are very expensive. You want to be certain that you get your money’s worth when you purchase them.


There are many tips and tricks to keep your home centres in good shape. Garage door opener maintenance is just one of those things. Do not let your doorway become a hazard to anyone. You can call the company you purchased the springs from for a professional evaluation of the situation. 


This will help you ensure that the problem does not develop into a bigger problem.

Your garage door needs to run like a well-oiled machine – literally, from the moment you open it. Keeping your garage door components greased up will add years to the life of your system – and all it should take you maybe a few minutes! Use a penetrating spray-on silicone lubricant on all of your garage door’s moving parts, such as the tracks, rollers, hinges and springs.


You might be tempted to neglect garage door maintenance, hoping that over time everything will work itself out, but that’s a big mistake. Garage doors are made with one purpose in mind – to protect your vehicle. Therefore, they must be kept in good condition at all times. The more frequently they’re working on, the better chance there is that they’ll last a long time without needing to be replaced. However, you do need to pay attention to a few basic parts and perform these tasks as part of garage door maintenance.


One of the most important things to check for in garage door maintenance is lubrication. Loose or worn lubricants can cause problems that may not become apparent until they’re way too late. If you don’t lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer, you could damage the mechanisms and even shorten their lifespan. In addition, improperly lubricated parts may contribute to costly and damaging drips and leaks.


Other parts of garage door maintenance to pay close attention to include springs, cables and pulleys, and rollers. Springs should always be checked before winter and should be replaced as needed. Not only does the tension of the springs affect the opening and closing of the doors, but it also has an overall impact on the safety of the motorized system. Loose tension or even completely broken springs pose a serious safety risk, as well as potential injury to you or your family. It’s best to get your garage door opener checked regularly by a professional maintenance company to make sure everything is operating correctly.


It’s also a good idea to keep track of which garage door springs need to be replaced when certain problems arise. For example, if the garage door opener suddenly stops working for no apparent reason, but you know the spring used to power it needs to be replaced, check the manufacturer’s website to see if replacement instructions are included. Even if you aren’t sure why the door opener stopped working, replacing the springs will give you peace of mind. You may even be able to get a discount on the new springs through the garage door maintenance company.

Another part of garage door maintenance to pay attention to involves checking the pulleys and cables. These moving parts, much like springs, need to be checked periodically to make sure they’re still in good working order. If you’ve had your system installed over some time, it’s also a good idea to look into changing the cables periodically. Check the manufacturer’s website for instructions on changing the pulleys or cables as needed.

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