Tips to open garage door without power

We all know that garages are a very important part of our houses. However, there may be some occasions when you might find that your garage door opener cannot operate or you need to open the door manually. Some of those situations may arise due to a power outage or when the motor of your garage door cannot work properly. So, you will not wish to damage your car while taking it out of your garage when you cannot properly open your garage door due to a power outage. In those situations, it’s crucial to know the method of how to open garage door without power.

So, here are several steps through which you can open your garage door without power.

Method of how to open garage door without power

Step 1: Put the door in the down position

Before starting the disengaging of your garage door opener, you need to ensure the door remains in the down position. If you try to disengage the opener while the door is open, it can be really dangerous, and hence, it is not advised. If the door is not balanced properly or the spring is broken, releasing the opener could make the heavy door slam down to the ground. This may result in accidents and extensive damage. If your garage door is stuck in its opening position, calling the professionals is the best option.

Step 2: Pull the garage door’s emergency release cord

The emergency release cord of your garage door is the red rope that can be seen hanging from the door trolley. When your garage door is closed, the cord will be located near the front part of the door. This trolley is attached to the door and moves it as the door opens and closes. The carriage of the garage door opener also moves the door along with the opener boom automatically. This emergency release cord can disconnect the trolley from the carriage and allows the garage door to operate manually.

Step 3: Move the garage door manually to return to the down position

Now, you can move your garage door freely. If you cannot lift the door manually due to its excess weight, your garage door springs may be broken. The main part that helps in lifting your garage door is not the opener but the springs. So, if you can find a broken spring, you should contact garage door professionals as soon as possible.

Step 4: Pull your garage door’s emergency release cord 

To re-attach the carriage and use your garage door once again, you have to pull the emergency release cord towards the door. This will help by compressing the spring lever and enabling the two mechanisms to connect again.

Step 5: Re-connect the opener carriage and the trolley

In this step, you have to re-connect the trolley to the carriage of the opener. For this, you have to run the opener for a complete cycle. So, just move it all the way up and down. When the carriage and the trolley pass one another, you will hear a loud clicking sound. This will indicate to you that those two are now connected, and hence, you can open and close your garage door again through electrical power.

Therefore, this is the entire step by step procedure through which you can complete the process of how to open the garage door without power successfully. However, if you are hesitant, you should call TC Garage Door and Locksmith Service for help.


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