Professional Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

The Garage Door Spring is one of the essential parts of any garage door and has a pretty average failure rate. Generally speaking, a door spring can’t be repaired. So, the spring repair per se means a replacement. The spring aids in the opening and subsequent closing of the garage door. The spring bears a lot of the load and weight of the garage door, and so it is under a great deal of pressure which is what ups its failure rate.


A broken or worn spring is also dangerous, that’s why a DIY solution of any kind is not recommended. Instead of trying to replace the spring on your own it is best to contact TC Garage Door’s’ team of seasoned garage door specialists.

What Causes a Garage Door Spring to Break?

Springs that are worn out, rusty, or improperly installed are known to break. The result if you have an older garage door is property damage and personal injury. That’s why it is always a good idea to get the garage door routinely inspected so that if the spring is failing, it can be replaced before there is any damage.

How We Choose the Best Garage Door Springs?

A major part of good Garage Door Spring repair is to use the right spring. Extension springs are less expensive and hence a lot more common, compared to torsion springs which are safer and provide a better return on your investment. That said we always recommend an extension spring by a reputed brand because that is what we use. Our experts will walk you through choosing the right spring based on variables such as the weight of the garage door and your budget. So, feel free to contact us today for Garage Door Spring Repair.

Expert New Garage Door Installation with a Smile

New Garage Door Repair and installation when done right can extend the service life of the door. Not only that but it will ensure that the warranty isn’t voided by incorrect installation. That’s why when you’re considering a new garage door installation consider calling us. Our team will install any garage door in the best possible way in no time.

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