Garage Door Spring Replacement

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TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services is proud to announce a successful garage door spring replacement on Monterey Ave, St. Louis Park. As a leading garage door service provider in St. Louis Park and its surrounding areas, we are known for our high-quality garage door services and our customer-oriented approach to delivering the most efficient and effective services to our customers.


Garage door springs are one of the many components of your garage door system and they are one of the most important pieces. They serve as a counterbalance, holding the entirety of the weight of your garage door. A garage door opener can open your garage doors, however, it cannot support them without garage door springs. A garage door spring replacement is dangerous if you don't have the expertise or knowledge, as a garage door spring is under constant tension and if it snaps, it can lead to serious injuries. That's why our client contacted us for our services.


When our client contacted us for help with his broken garage door spring, we asked for the necessary details so we could bring the required tools and replacements for the job. Upon arriving at his residence, we immediately started working on his broken springs and an hour later successfully replaced them! He thanked us for our service and stated that he can deal with most of his garage door problems but not broken springs—he wouldn't touch it!

The Dangers Of Garage Door Springs And Garage Door Spring Replacement

No matter how simple it looks, a garage door spring is one of the most important parts of your garage door. Garage doors are heavy and they can cause serious damage to you or your property if they suddenly fall down. What makes it worse is that a garage door spring can snap anytime, you won't even know that it's about to break until it happens. There are cases of people fracturing their thumbs or hands, causing permanent damage, people fracturing their eye socket and jaw as well as lacerations due to the impact of the spring. 


Not only that, it can cause serious damage to your property as well. For example, your car is parked inside the garage and you're replacing the springs. The next thing you see is your front shield cracked and now you'll have to add that up to your expenses. So with that in mind, TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services will provide you why garage door springs fail and why you'll need a garage door spring replacement or repair.

Garage Door Springs Wear And Tear

When your garage door springs break, you will surely feel like your house is starting to fall apart. The springs contribute to the opening and closing of the garage door. When these devices are not functioning properly, it may be time for a replacement.


The life expectancy of a spring depends on the frequency of use. The springs have an estimated life span of 10,000 cycles or 7 years, whichever comes first. It is important to know that this only applies if you use your garage door twice a day. If you use it more than that, expect that its lifespan will be shorter than what is stated above.


In case you have noticed some problems with your garage door spring or are planning on replacing it for another reason, it might be a good idea to lubricate it at least twice a year. This will help extend its lifespan as well as avoid future harm to the other components of your garage door system.


If you notice that your springs are already damaged and need garage door spring replacement, then contact a professional garage door company immediately. Most companies can replace your broken springs in no time at all and with little hassle on your part.

Garage Door Springs Has Rust

It is a very common problem to have rusty springs on your garage door. This is because the garage door, being exposed to the elements for most of the time, has a high possibility of rusting if proper maintenance is not done. Garage Door Springs rust can be formed by many factors. The main factor is water and air coming into contact with the springs; thus, you have a rusty spring that needs a garage door spring replacement service. Moreover, the more time you spend on not having it replaced, the more rust increases every time there is friction on the coils. Weakening it and your springs definitely will become a ticking time bomb before it snaps. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this from occurring. 


Using lubricants such as the Gasoila Free All Rust Eater Deep Penetrating Oil if you see a small amount of rust buildup and extend the life of your garage door springs. However, if you clearly see that lubricants will no longer affect the springs, hire a professional garage door company for their garage door spring replacement service.

Garage Door Springs Aren’t Properly Maintained

Lubricating is one of the best steps you can do to help your garage door springs last longer. Not only does the oil make sure that the springs are in good shape, but it also makes sure that your lock and rollers aren't getting stuck together. This will allow for better movement of the garage door. 


Also, using white lithium grease on the rollers will maintain their speed and longevity as well. It is a good idea to inspect the garage door every season to see if there is any visible damage to any part of the garage door. If you keep up on maintenance, then you won't have to worry about getting a new set of springs anytime soon. These tips will ensure that your garage door springs are in great condition and will last a while longer than they were expected to.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

It is important to know first the type of spring you have before deciding on which replacement to buy. There are two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are attached on top of the metal door using a bracket, while extension springs rely on a cable pulley system attached to the tracks. A torsion spring is more expensive but it has a longer lifespan than an extension spring. The average cost for an extension garage door spring replacement is around $150-$200 while the average cost for a torsion spring replacement is around $200-$350.

Choose TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services for All Your Garage Door Spring Repair or Replacement Needs!

They say that a problem is only as big as the person who’s dealing with it. But we beg to differ – a problem is only as big as the company you call to deal with it! With TC Garage Door Repair & Locksmith Services, you can rest assured knowing that your garage door spring repair or replacement needs will be taken care of by experienced professionals. We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed, and have over 20 years of experience in this field – meaning there’s nothing we haven’t seen or fixed before. We also offer emergency garage door repairs, broken garage door spring services, garage door opener repair, garage door maintenance, and more. So if you live in Minnesota and are having trouble with your garage door, give us a call today for comprehensive solutions and complete peace of mind!


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