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TC Garage Door and Locksmith is a business that’s entirely dedicated to providing your business with the security it needs. Our team is honest, hardworking and experienced ensuring that they can deal with any type of situation. We offer a large selection of Commercial Locksmith Services which range from business lock installation to other advanced locks and even access control. However, if you don’t see your issue mentioned on our website it does not mean we can’t help you, call us to find out.

We Can Unlock All Types of Locks and Doors

Each day we get calls from many businesses who have a locked door they need to be opened. Many times they forgot the keys in the room. Whether you’ve been locked out of your shop, office or any other place of business our Commercial Locksmith can help you get in. As a business ourselves we know that every second count, which is why our team will be at your doorstep in no time. Once there we get right down to unlocking the door.

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Setup a Master Key System

As a rule of thumb each time you fire an employee who had access to the keys, it is time to change the locks. Even though many businesses do not trust duplicate keys, the fact is that most types of keys can be copied. So, to keep your business as secure as needed your locks will have to be re-keyed. Plus, having a master key system in place means that you’ll have a single key that unlocks all doors within the business. If anything it drastically reduces the chances of you getting locked out.

We Provide The Following Commercial Locksmith Services:

Licensed Expert Lock Technicians

To ensure that your business is the most secure, we employ a team of licensed experts. All team members are well trained and ready to help you in every way possible. All you need is to call us right away!