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Many people take their garage doors for granted because they open and close hundreds of times each year without a hitch. However, like all things mechanical they do require repairs at some point. Being the largest machine in any home means that repairing it is both difficult and dangerous. That is why when your garage door breaks down it is always a good idea to call experts like us. At TC Garage Door and Locksmith our Garage Door Repair Services can fix any problem regardless of the garage door type.

Warranty Backed Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener is responsible for opening and closing the garage door. When the opener fails, the garage door may refuse to budge. Our Garage Door Repair services diagnose and fix all opener issues ASAP. So, regardless of the problem, we have you covered!

Professional Spring Repair with a Warranty

Many people complain of their garage doors not opening or closing properly. The problem almost always has to do with the garage door spring. However, depending on the spring that needs to be replaced it can range from difficult to very difficult. Thankfully our team of spring repair experts can help you. Not only do we replace the spring with a high-quality one but also back it with a warranty. So, you can be assured that the spring will last a very long time.

Expert New Garage Door Installation with a Smile

New Garage Door Repair and installation when done right can extend the service life of the door. Not only that but it will ensure that the warranty isn’t voided by incorrect installation. That’s why when you’re considering a new garage door installation consider calling us. Our team will install any garage door in the best possible way in no time.

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